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Inspiring The Next Generation

Founded in 2005, Team Happy Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the development of future leaders.

Through award-winning children’s books and educational programs, we focus on youth preparedness and environmental science.

Program Priorities

Donate Books to Children

Our team has donated 3,000 new Team Happy Foundation books to children across 50 schools. It’s been a lot of fun and we hope to visit your school soon.

Design Youth Preparedness and Coastal Restoration Workshops

We’ve taught 4,000 youth how to build a safety kit in order to prepare for weather-related emergencies as well as ways to be an effective advocate to help restore coastal communities.

Deliver Humanitarian Relief

To date, THF has contributed 50,000 volunteer hours toward the rebuilding of homes impacted by natural disasters; delivered 1,000 new toys to kids in need; and provided 3,000 emergency blankets to shelters and hospitals.

What other parents say

My entire third grade class enjoyed the presentation from Team Happy and Mr. Johnson. It was insightful, engaging and a wonderful experience for our scholars. Mr. Johnson has a gift and rare ability to connect with young people. Your students will love story time and they will remember this experience.

― Mrs. Smalls, teacher and parent

The organization has been reading and donating books to the community for almost a decade. There is an understanding around the importance of providing access to literature to young people. He has inspired my son to write and think more creatively!

― Reuben, Grade 5 parent

Learn more about our series of children’s books

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Our Success


Our team has donated more than 3,000 THF Signature Books to children across the United States. It’s a joy to share the wonders of reading and literature.


100% of our school visits and program evaluations are returned with 5 Star Ratings.

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We believe in young people and their creative imagination. That’s always been one of our guiding principles. Follow us: